Robertha Celine

Robertha Celine is a personal documentary serie where I search for my Liberian identity through associations with my homecountry. Whilst growing up, I did not want to delve into the subject of my adoption or home country because I was afraid it would only bring grief. My opinion changed about two years ago when my son was born. By looking at him grow up in these two years where I, as a child, was still in Liberia, I became more and more curious about my own past. Where did I really come from and where was I in the first two years of my life? Gradually, questions arose and I was curious to find answers.

My questions were answered by making contact with people that are also connected to Liberia in different ways. For example, people who have been adopted, like me, or who have emigrated but still have family members that live there. By having made these connections, I gained more insight about the Liberian culture and started my adventure: a search for an identity and culture that I did not want to know for years. In my daily life, I try to include the Liberian culture in my Western life and I can gladly say: I am proud of where I come from

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